It’s your time to look like a super model. Who is ready to walk the catwalks? Well no need to wait any longer because now you can get that ‘second day’ look from the Color Bar 51 Salon in Atlantic Highlands with REDKEN’S new tousle whip 04. This is a feather-light cream that gives your hair a tousled, second-day sexy look.

Tousle whip will give your hair that ‘effortless’ style that occurs naturally a day or two after washing.  The best part is that it won’t weigh down your hair or make it greasy. Its light, creamy texture actually improves the look of hair, adding a lustrous, satin-matte finish. Now that’s priceless! Tousle whip can also add volume to thin hair and I haven’t met a girl who doesn’t like a little volume.

Once you visit the Color Bar 51 Salon in Atlantic Highlands and pick some up for yourself, follow these instructions to achieve the perfect tousled hair look at home:

.Step 1:  Wash hair with your favorite Redken shampoo and conditioner.

Step 2:  Apply a nickel-size amount of tousle whip 04 on towel or dried hair.

Step 3:  Use your fingers to work the product through your hair, middle of the crown down to the ends.  Brush the product through to ensure even distribution.

Step 4: Use your fingers to section your hair into swirls by twirling bands of hair.

Step 5: Leaving the swirls in place, use a blow-dryer with diffuser set to medium to dry, scrunch swirls while drying.

Step 6: Add a little more after blow drying hair for added texture.

Have a special event to go to? Let the style experts at the Color Bar 51 salon in Atlantic Highlands give you a special look.  To book an appointment at Color Bar 51, call 732.708.0051.

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