Everyone knows experimenting with hair color can be a lot of fun but it can definitely wreak havoc on your hair, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Color that contains too much ammonia or doesn’t contain enough conditioning agents can seriously damage your hair. A frequent problem with color damaged hair is that the client typically wants it colored again to restore a healthy look and move even hair color.

Coloring already damaged hair is tricky and depends on the extent of the damage. If your hair is severely chemically damaged, using a demi-permanent color can help remedy your hair while nursing it back to healthy. Semi-permanent hair color does not ‘lift’ hair color. This can help give you a different look without bleaching the hair.

Demi-permanent haircolor, such as Redken’s Shades EQ at the Color Bar 51 salon in Atlantic Highlands NJ, can enrich natural color, refresh faded haircolor or tone highlighted hair. Demi-permanent haircolor will not lighten hair. It adds exceptional color, shine and condition to natural or color-treated hair without altering the natural pigment.

Another technique to try for damaged hair is low lights. Highlights lighten the hair, but low-lights use darker colors to create contrasting shades of color around your face. Again, this is not as harmful for the hair but can give you a subtle change while your hair is going through color therapy.

Sometimes, the best way to save damaged hair is with a good old fashion hair cut! Hair that is damaged beyond the point of return should be cut regularly and treated with an extremely hydrating deep conditioning mask at least once a week. At Color Bar 51 salon in Atlantic Highlands, we often recommend Redken’s Intense Renewal Super Moisturizing Hair Mask.

Here are just a few of the benefits:
> Instantly detangles and improves combability so hair resists breakage
> Provides intense discipline, smoothing control and internal strength
> Hair texture is transformed with increased manageability and shine

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